Design is a tool that facilitates the

transformation and connection of people

Hello! I'm Giu.

I'm a brazilian designer specialized in branding. Currently running as a multi-disciplinary, independently-owned design studio. I am passionate about the graphic universe and with creating narratives through identities.

The studio encompasses branding, products, exhibitions, websites, digital experiences, and communications.


For the past six years, I've helped organizations become more relevant.

I believe the design process can help any project take off, connect with

the right people, and increase brand value.

Creative process

I. Diagnosis

Immersion and research stage

Identification of the brand essence and purpose which will guide the entire project. A market study is made to map the visual elements and analyze the competitors.

III. Prototype

Creation of digital proofs

These will forecast how the brand will be viewed in the real world. A concrete visualization of the material before they are produced ensures that the project will achieve its expectations.

II. Expression

Where ideas turn into a tangible reality

Time to sketch and experiment. Aimed at the creation of a unique and integrated brand expression.

IV. Conception

Materials are ready to go

In the last phase, the ideas are filtered to gain their final form, applying in the most varied media and formats.

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